Shias should be declared non-Muslims and a minority: Aurangzeb Faruqi

خوب است اگر حرفهای این آخوند را با حوصیله مندی تا آخر بشنوید

Aurangzeb Faruqi, the spokesman of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat [the defunct Sipah Sahaba Pakistan [SSP] talks to editor Mohammad Shehzad and urges ...

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Comment by Omid on February 5, 2012 at 10:38pm

آن عده ی که امروز خود را انتحار می‌کند چهره و عقیده چنین اشخاص‌های را دارد

Comment by Nik s on February 6, 2012 at 1:20am

موفق باشی مولوی هرچه زودتر بهتر! تو برضد شیعه و شیعه برضد سنی با بشود یک روزی هردو ناپدید گردند انشالله که هم تو به آرزویت برسی و هم من یک خواب راحت داشته باشم. زمانیکه دین و مذهب بازیچه دست چند تا انسان جاهل و فرصت جو بیفتد دیگر نباید به دین دل خوش کرد

دین اسلام با جنگ آغاز شد و با جنگ هم خاتمه خواهد یافت و صادقانه باید گفت که از بودن این دین پرستان دروغین و فریبکاران نبودن شان هزار مرتبه بهتر. پس زودتر دست به کار شو و فک و فامیل تان را از عربستان سعودی بیشتر بخوای

Comment by rahmathulla on February 9, 2012 at 7:04am

the shocking point is here that when he asks for conference so i wish his dream had came true , we also like to see that throw which way they can prove shia wrong, and secondly ,  while he explains every thing about his group in detail without any fear so on that we have to be sure that, the government of Pakistan is 100% involved in this . so all we have to do is to give them such opportunity  to prove us wrong , and fortunately we have got many reason  that even they can not dare to kick off the confrontation with shia, so finally i would like to say that this all are just the revenge that they are taking from musharaf because when he was thee president so they were failed in their every thing they did not had the chance of doing what they wanted . so now they understands  the the condition allows them to do so thats why they do this thing now with out any fear , 


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