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< Rajab Ali Hazara is a Pakistani player in Street Child World Cup 2014 held in Brazil.

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Hazara One replied to Habib Paiman's discussion 'Why are the Hazaras being killed in Balochistan, Pakistan?'
"Because we are less minorities in Qta pakistan"
1 hour ago
Hazara One replied to ali's discussion 'There is no way the safety of Hazaras men, women and children can be guaranteed if they are returned to Afghanistan: Fr Jim Carty'
"Are we(Hazaras) save if we returned to pakistan ??? I didn't understand whenever some one talk…"
1 hour ago
Hazara One replied to Roohullah Sharifi's discussion 'What is our Real Language: Hazaragi or Dari???'
"Balay azo fard asta ki the kuja zindagi kada yag bakool pura omar khu the afghanistan thair kada…"
1 hour ago
IdReSs SmArT left a comment for saeeda
"aha great but chara?"
2 hours ago

صحنه های از کنسرت بامیان


Dear members of Hazara Network,we have some other works that should be done. We request therefore all of you to cooperate with us in this proccess. Your cooperation in this proccess will be appreciated.

We are going to create an archive, which we have titled "Hazara Genocide Archive": The official website for this archive will be available soon.

All we need is to provide and collect a simple picture, name and other details of the people, who have systematically been targeted during the past two decades in Quette. continu..


Why are the Hazaras being killed in Balochistan, Pakistan?

Started by Habib Paiman in Administration. Last reply by Hazara One 1 hour ago. 11 Replies

Why are the Hazaras being killed in Balochistan, Pakistan?By Akram Gizabi (April 21, 2012)  There is a dramatic increase in the senseless and cowardly attacks on Hazara civilians in Quetta,Pakistan. People are being targeted for no apparent reasons. The attacks are indiscriminate andrandom and the victims are exclusively Hazaras. The…Continue

There is no way the safety of Hazaras men, women and children can be guaranteed if they are returned to Afghanistan: Fr Jim Carty

Started by ali in Administration. Last reply by Hazara One 1 hour ago. 40 Replies

The Curtin Detention Centre, where asylum seekers are reportedly on a hunger strike. Picture: Nic Ellis Source: The Australian AN AFGHAN asylum seeker has been transferred to hospital after trying to hang himself in Curtin detention centre yesterday, a refuge advocate said. Ian Rintoul said the man attempted suicide about 7am and was transferred to Derby hospital after suffering a neck injury. Another man who attempted suicide was found collapsed on the floor but did not need a medical…Continue

What is our Real Language: Hazaragi or Dari???

Started by Roohullah Sharifi in Administration. Last reply by Hazara One 1 hour ago. 49 Replies

It’s been a hot topic between some of our Qawmas about our real language: either it is Hazaragi or Dari!? There fore, I find this opportunity to open this topic in the network in order that our friends, who have enough information regarding this issue, provide us with the complete information about this vagueness.Here I want to add something that I know and believe on, is as follows:Firs of all, as we have been proclaiming that other people like Pashtoon, Tajick, Uzbak and other manority have…Continue

حذف مزاری با زور امام حسین

Started by Sukayna Mobin in اعلامیه ها yesterday. 0 Replies

1-      از یاد نمی برم که روزگاری خود خلیلی می گفت که جریان ضد مزاری با تمام قدرت در تلاش هستند که از نامگذاری سرگ دشت برچی به نام شهیدمزاری جلوگیری کنند، این خواست مقامات ایران هم بود که هیچ مکانی به نام شهید مزاری نا م گذاری نگردد. جایگزین نام شهید مزاری را برای سرگ برچی نام یکی از امامان شیعه بود، اما اقای خلیلی می گفت من باتمام تلاش خود از این حرکت مذبوحانه جلوگیری می کنم. حد اقل ادعا داشت که برای تثبیت نام سرگ برچی به نام شهید مزاری با اقای رهین وزیر اطلاعات و فرهنگ پرخاش کرده است و گفته…Continue

Why do we Hazaras try to be something else and not ourselves.

Started by Khan in Analyses. Last reply by Khan on Thursday. 5 Replies

Hazaras try to be everything else but themselves.  In Afghanistan Hazaras try to speak with Iranian accent and labled Iranian servants but in Iran they are Afghani and not respected at all, in Pakistan, they speak Persian language and follow the religious and political benefits of Iran and to Pakistan it seems they are not being proud and loyal to their own country. They look some what Russian or Central Asians but they cut away from them. They look Mongolian but their heart is Fars even though…Continue

It is election time and most Hazaras are sleep.

Started by Khan in اعلامیه ها Mar 27. 0 Replies

Hazaras future and lives are in the hands of others today just like before. Always Hazaras have made very bad decisions in how to play the political games. Every one have used and abused the Hazaras yet Hazars continue being sleep.Continue

Any one know how much did Sayed Naderi sold the Ismailie Hazaras? چقدر سید نادری هزاره ها را فروخته به اشرف غنی ده میلیون دلار یا بیشتر

Started by Khan in Analyses Mar 27. 0 Replies

Dr Ashraf Ghani was able to buy Ismailie Hazaras from Sayed Mansoor Naderi. Last time most of our Hazara brothers and sisters voted for Karzai who was secretly a Taliban supporter. Sayed Naderis daughter who lives in London gave a speech in support of Dr Ashraf ghani, but when if Taliban comes to power Sayed Naderis daughter will be in London and the poor Hazaras will be killed.Does any one know how much did Sayed Naderi sold the Ismaili Hazaras ? 10 Million, 50 Million?Watch the video below.…Continue

February the month of Afshar Tragedy.

Started by Moghol in Analyses Feb 20. 0 Replies

If one asks when was Ashura every Hazara knows the date. If one asks when did the tragedy of Afshar take place, most Hazaras do not know. This is very sad.Continue

کجا بهتر است، بامیان مرکز افغانستان و یا مغولستان

Started by Moghol in Analyses Feb 6. 0 Replies

Mongolia accepts their own with a warm welcome hand, while in Afghanistan Hazaras are used and abused and treated like animals.در افغانستان  هزاره ها مورد استفاده قرار گرفت و استفاده می شود و آنها ما را مثل گوسفند کشتنمغولستان آنها را با قلب باز می پذیردPictures from BBC.Continue

شعر بی خوابی (طنز) نوشته خودم

Started by Turkman Mosafer in اعلامیه ها Feb 4. 0 Replies

ترکمنم هم مسافر گشته ام در این سوز گدازکمپل چیریکی هم دارم ولی خوابم نبردبشنو و باور نکن این شعر من جیب پر دینار دارم ولی خوابم نبردبس قشنگ اند این دخی های فیسبوک مثال حوریان دائما چند موخ را هم زدم ولی خوابم نبردچاق گشتم دول گشتم پوندیدم نیشه ی صد ساله خوابم ولی خوابم نبرداز شب یلدا گذشت اما خوش گذشت من هنوزم هر شبم یلداست ولی خوابم نبردای به پیرت هی لعنتت٬ پاسپوت٬ملا شرنگ دائما چرت تو را هم زدم ولی خوابم نبردخرس قطبی گشته ام اَمدم قطب شمالشد زمستان هم ولی خوابم نبردکرزی و اشرف غنی هم خوابیده…Continue







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