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Web Hosting Offer for All Hazaras Business man and community Websites

Started by Irfan Ali Abbassi in اعلامیه ها Nov 29, 2014. 0 Replies

Hello dear Qawma Today i am here to share with you that we are a Group of young Hazaras talented boy's has started a web Hosting and web development company so here here we need everyone helps for promotion,we know that we are having many community and business website which we are tacking that from other companies and paying…Continue

Tags: Students, for, Free, Hosting, Web

5 killed in a suicide bombing in Baluchistan

Started by Torgani Boy's in News Oct 4, 2014. 0 Replies

Pakistan: 5 killed in a suicide bombing in Baluchistan At least five people were killed and 25 others injured Saturday, October 4, in a suicide attack against the Shia Hazara colony in Pakistan's Balochistan province (south-west), police said. The attack, which has not been claimed, took place in the evening in a bazaar of Quetta while people were shopping during Adha feast, which began Saturday. The rich Baluchistan province is a hotbed of sectarian violence against Shiites accused of…Continue

What is our Real Language: Hazaragi or Dari???

Started by Roohullah Sharifi in Administration. Last reply by Moghol Aug 21, 2014. 51 Replies

It’s been a hot topic between some of our Qawmas about our real language: either it is Hazaragi or Dari!? There fore, I find this opportunity to open this topic in the network in order that our friends, who have enough information regarding this issue, provide us with the complete information about this vagueness.Here I want to add something that I know and believe on, is as follows:Firs of all, as we have been proclaiming that other people like Pashtoon, Tajick, Uzbak and other manority have…Continue

The Tatars (Tatara one of the Hazara tribes) struggle in Crimea.

Started by Moghol in اعلامیه ها Jun 28, 2014. 0 Replies

The Tatara one of the Hazara tribes are struggling in Crimea for their independence. These Hazaras were part of the army under General Batu khan son of Jaji khan conquored Russia and Easter Europe, Jaji Khan had led many of the Hazaras in what is now Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and central . Years later the out cast Batu khan came back to the military knows as Tuman which means thousands (Hazara) in Mughol  formation and led the battle for the European front conquoring all of Russia and half of…Continue

Most people are not aware about Hmong tribe in Vietnam who are related to Hazaras

Started by Moghol in اعلامیه ها Jun 27, 2014. 0 Replies

During the Mughal Empire possibly during Kabulai Khan Mughols from Afghanistan and other parts of Central Asia went to China and from there they attacked Vietnam with around 500 thousand Mughol soldiers along with their families. In Vietnam they lost the battle and many of these Mughol army escaped to the mountains and to this day these Mughols live there and they do not consider themselves Vietnamese. They still can speak the Mughol language. General Kabulai khan himself settled in China and…Continue

Good day for everyone .

Started by syedibrahim470 in اعلامیه ها May 8, 2014. 0 Replies


Good and Evil

Started by Abdul saab in دینی. Last reply by Khan May 3, 2014. 5 Replies

Good and EvilGod and MonotheismAmin Ahsan Islahi(Tr. by:Saeed Ahmad)     This article is actually a translation by Mr Saeed Ahmad of a transcription of few lectures     delivered by Imam Amin Ahsan Islahi on this topic. (Editor)    `What is good and what is evil?'; Philosophers of all ages have thought over this question. Each reckoned that he had solved the question once and for all, yet within a few years the problem would re-emerge with new dimensions. In fact, most of the answers would be…Continue

Tags: man, soul, philosophy, argument, universe

علت بد‌بختی‌‌مردم‌ما‌‌در‌‌صدها‌سال‌گزشته از‌بیعقلی‌است؟

Started by Khan in اعلامیه ها Apr 27, 2014. 0 Replies

Many times I have wondered why Hazaras have been suffering so much that for hundreds of years we have lived a very very disrespectful lives, in the recent wars we have been killed and the women have been violated and disrespected by many. One example was Mazar 1998 men were killed  in thousands by Taliban and most of the women's faith for left in the hand of the Pashtoon men from south who violated  and disrespected these Hazara women. Either way many times I have asked why always Hazaras have…Continue

Man's Place in the Universe

Started by Abdul saab in دینی Apr 21, 2014. 0 Replies

Man's Place in the UniverseReflectionsAmin Ahsan Islahi(Tr. by:Saeed Ahmad)     What is the appropriate conduct for man in this life and what is his place in the universe. These questions have always been of fundamental importance. Both are interconnected so that one cannot properly by answered without the other. Realisation of what status he has in this life influences man’s attitude. Just as an uninvited guest would not behave as the chief guest of a banquet, the attitude of one who regards…Continue

Tags: amin, philosophy, universe, god, man







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